Thursday, May 29, 2008


While I was out of town I stumbled upon a used bookstore that had a stash of old Organic Gardening and Farming magazines. We now know this magazine simply as Organic Gardening---which many of us read or have read at times.
They were "pricey" at $2 each (I mean they are old after all) so I purchased a few of them thinking that I would read them while I "relaxed" while visiting family. I thought for sure most of the stuff had probably been re written and that it was nothing I might not have read at one time or another----maybe forgotten but read at some point.
However all I have to say is WOW! cool magazine! Lots of lots of interesting stuff that I will post some of onto this site over the summer. I really like them. All of the issues I purchased are from the early to late 70's with a few early early 80's issues thrown in. I like them so much I am sending my relative back to purchase those that I left behind. It is too bad the format of the magazine has changed over the years because the magazine as it is now is not quite like the old version. Similar...but not the same.
I will add a label for Organic Gardening magazine to link to anything I post over time so come back periodically and see what I have added. I will try (very hard) to be diligent about it and get them on here. Some will be condensed but some of the articles I will probably be able to type all the way just to figure out how to get the pics on here. Maybe with my camera.

Also, I have included a picture of my garden. And a link here to how it looked just back in the winter of 2006. Big difference isn't it? The picture with the sheep eating and digging in the piles of leaves is almost exactly the same place that the other picture is taken from.
I figure in another 3 or 4 years it should be smashingly nice!

Lastly is a picture of our movable chicken cage---actually used for many things other than just chickens----that we have our mixed breeds chicks in. It's nice to put them outside during the day. They still have to come in at night because it has been fairly cool and they aren't well feathered yet.
Unfortunately, we have yet to come up with a good top. That would be because we mis calculated and made the cage a few inches too wide for the intended wire . So for right now we use some plywood pieces and just take them off when we need to move it around. Eventually the light bulb will come on for a fabulous, magnificent idea for an easy to handle top.
The cage is a bit annoying (though not really bad) to move if you have animals in it-----only because the corners come apart and are not permanently attached to each other. On the other hand it does come apart for easy flat storage during the winter and is not heavy at all. Maybe we will come up with perfect movable pen someday but..... until then, we like everyone else try and come up with what will work for us for more than just one situation without being expensive or impossible to handle or build. Perfection is a human fantasy--though it is hard to remember that sometimes.

have a great day everyone.

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Kathie said...

That's quite a magazine find! I look forward to reading about what you discover. I love finding those kind of scores - it does seem they were less "affected" before the green thing got so trendy...