Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another bit of "hog" housing

Stuart and Gabrielle from over in Brittany sent me these pictures of their Kune Kune housing after reading that I was doing a search for an idea for our pigs house.
They actually ate their Kune Kunes not too long ago--yes, those two cute pigs in the picture. Well maybe they didn't eat all of them yet---but their ready to eat! :-D

This time they are raising Old Gloucestershire Spots instead of KuneKunes so I don't know if this house will fit those pigs all the way to the end or not. Not sure why the changed breeds---I may have missed that or maybe they didn't say.
I have emailed them to find out the dimensions and will probably make something just about like theirs. The only difference? A few bars around the inner edges for piglets to roll under in case mom lays to close to the wall, so mine might be just a bit wider. Since I am breeding my pigs, not just eating them, I thought maybe I might need that in there. I have heard mixed things about the bars. Some say "no,you don't need them" and some say "yes". However it is it won't take up much room to add them and could be the difference between a dead piglet or live one so....why not?
Anyway I thought this was another pretty snazzy picture of a pig house and thought I would share it with all of you.
Hope the weather is being nice to everyone. We have had great spring rains and all our seeds have sprouted without us having to water them (Yeah!!) So hopefully this will continue on.

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