Thursday, May 8, 2008

Some interesting articles

An article out of Canada about the phase out of 80 chemicals and 300 products that experts say pose a potential health risk----and Home Depot is doing it voluntarily. Wow! I wish all companies would do that.

Did you know that they start chickens on antibiotics before they even leave the egg? I didn't. See that one here.

And a food shortage article. Which brings home the point that we should all be putting in at least a few tomato plants in our yard this year----and maybe some beans and potatoes too by the way things are looking right now.

And a few things President Bush has to say about the Farm Bill and food prices. Maybe once, just once, he may get something worthwhile done. But maybe I am expecting miracles.


Hayden said...

YUCK on the antibiotics. Glad they've been caught and stopped. Wish they would be fined appropriately - like, say, triple the difference between the price they charged for their "antibiotic free" chickens and regular chickens, to be donated to an organic organization.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Now I know your dreaming Hayden! Their a big corporation---much more important than the individuals they may injure or lie to!
(between us though---I completely agree!!)