Wednesday, May 28, 2008


yES, wE HAVE A SIZE issue wE REALizE.

As you can see from the picture our new boar is...well...a bit short (er). You just never can tell from pictures what an animal really looks like so pictures (when there is no reference item) don't always speak a 1000 words.
AND even though he is a bit smaller than she is, I believe he feels he is more than capable or big enough for the job we got him for (to the dismay of our female). However I am thinking we may be waiting a bit for some piglets. Eventually I am sure they will work things out but right now Pumpkin (aka "oink") is a bit bossy and gives him a nip and a "what for" if he hovers near the slightly more rear aspects of her body. Sometimes she even chases him a bit---and he squeals just like a pig :-D (go figure!!)--- and runs and hides in the little white house that's in with them.
That's o.k. "Munch" as he is now known to us (Munchkin officially ) was well worth the trip I took and his personality is very nice. I know we will have some piglets in the not to distant future and I am very much looking forward to them.

Considering that the guinea hog is very endangered and not many left---a certain amount of "in breeding" does occur. Munch and Oink are about as distantly related as we could have probably hope for so we are very satisfied with him. I have to admit I was a bit surprised by his slightly smaller stature when we saw him the first time but I am told that he should hit his "growth period" very soon. Good thing---or else he'll have his wife beating him up all the time :-) Personally I think he might have lost out on the food issue and not gotten quite his fair share----but we will rectify that for him.
He has a nicer face than oink does too I think. I like his slightly longer nose and less inset eyes. Oink on the other hand has a very very meaty rump-----dreams of roast pop into your head when you watch her walk away :-D. Overall a good combo I we just have to wait for the actual "DAY OF PIGLETS" to arrive.

Now..a few things about our setup that are visible in the picture. That is a doubled up cage that we purchased at Tractor Supply. Originally they were a bit cheaper than they are now. Gas and metal prices having gone up have made these pens quite expensive. However they do have a chain link style that would still, I believe, work well for this size pig. They attach at the corners with two brackets held by a bolt and a wing nut. Our second pen came without wing nuts----just regular nuts that required a wrench to tighten. We spent the extra 3.50 to purchase some wing nuts because they are much simpler to undo when we're ready to move the pen. can see Oink's house in there. If you remember (and how could you forget) I have blogged about pig housing a few times recently. Oink's house is barely big enough for her and absolutely not big enough for her and piglets or Munch to get in and share it with her. So, we NEED to make that new house now. At the rate we finish things though, it will probably be the week before she has piglets that we get it done. It's just one of those time things (always!).
At least it's warm and not cold and rainy.

Two more things...I have one ewe I thought went open this year that I have found IS actually going to lamb. She will lamb about the first to middle of July (poor sheep!!).

Also I stumbled on this blog while out of town and would like to share it with all of you: Homesteading Hickory Hills.
I happened upon it while looking for examples of root cellars. After last years drought cracked and dried out the bottom of our pond so badly we need it to be re dug (it doesn't hold water now) and I figured I would have them dig for the root cellar while they are here. Now just to figure out where to put it hmm.......

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