Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A bit of Stormy Wether

Well the rubber band didn't kill him :-) and this guy is now officially a wether---or as we sometimes say: an IT--neither male or female. I happened to get this picture of him the other day after he was sheared. He looked kind of cute laying there all comfy and cool now. (We are extremely HUMID lately---so thick you could cut it with a knife)
Long ago this little guy acquired the name "Stormy"--- since his life has been just that. His mother didn't do well for us this year from heat we thought---but now we wonder if from a genetic issue (not for sure). Any how---he didn't grow well because of his dam's problem, his twin brother died, then his mom was culled, then he came close to being culled too---over all quite the stormy life. So, I have to admit---I was kind of surprised to see the name fit him even more after he was sheared. His gray undercoat does give him a cloudy sky kind of appearance. Luckily---his personality is not that at all and he should make a fine companion for the ram's and lone sheep that need a friend to "sleep over" with them. He may even become a mascot of sorts to take to fiber fairs for "show and tell".
So though it's kind of silly he will forever be known to us as "Stormy the Wether" but hopefully the rest of his life will be full of sunshine :-D (cause if not he will be culled!)


Cheryl said...

What a gorgeous little guy (and Stormy the wether is just too funny!)!

maggie said...

Awww... :)
OK - just to show my complete ignorance in sheep - doe's neutering affect their wool production in any way? Change the quality, etc.?

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Yes, Maggie, it does effect it---but in a positive way. Rams have a tendency to get coarser year after year---wethers stay soft. They are sometimes even nicer than ewes since they don't have to nurse lambs :-) However---they don't reproduce so they are in a sense "dead weight". We need one though--to keep singles separated from the flock happy. So..Stormy stays. Just too bad he couldn't bring me rain :-)