Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sustainable yarn purchase

Yes, as the title says: I purchased yarn today. Why?-- when I have BAGS and BAGS of fiber to be turned into yarn? Because my new spinning wheel is broke :-( Boo Hoo.
Alas after my long long wait to get my new majacraft suzie and then a glorious two weeks of the easiest spinning I had ever done, a glitch occurred. First I thought it was the new fiber flyer I received that day in the mail. I had never used this attachment before so of course that was my first thought. However, days later when it looked like I was stair climbing just to make the wheel turn----we realized it was more than the new flyer. After many pictures, calls, and emails (and much insinuation that I didn't quite understand their instructions on how to adjust the crankshaft or oil it) I am being mailed a new crankshaft which is what we finally settled on as the culprit. Mine MUST be the one in a million that was bad. Or at least that is what I hope since so many positive things are said about Majacraft. So---over two months after having ordered and paid for my wheel--- I have been able to spin a total of two weeks. Bummer.
Anyways--while I wait to be able to spin the bags of fiber sitting in my downstairs room---I ordered some yarn to knit the new sweater I would like to make. In actuality it is a cardigan called the "Minimalist" and shown here at Interweave Knits (just scroll down the page) and here. I am a serious cardigan/extra shirt wearing person since I am frequently cold. Even though I live in the South were it is hot and humid---I keep my house a comfortable 77 degrees (I know---most people would faint ) and so therefore I am cold in most public places. Sweaters that easily come on and off are a must. This one is particularly nice since it has a somewhat summery look and 3/4 sleeves.
Anyways---I wanted to also point out the web site that I purchased my yarn at. The owners name is Heather and she is trying to stick with sustainable/ organic/ fair trade style yarns. Please check out her site (and her new blog) at Granola Yarn.
And just so you know I ordered the "Socially Conscious" yarn that is a 70% merino 30% angora blend in Ancient Fern. I asked Heather to send me a sample of the other colors since I am sure I will make this sweater in another color if I like the wool or maybe I might use some of my Icelandic lamb fleece from this year. No matter what I use next time, the brown seemed like a good all around starter color for the first sweater---- but of course I will need to venture into something just a bit brighter for the second one ;-) Deep burgundy maybe---or a blue/green to dye my white Icelandic lamb fleeces would be nice too. So many colors---and so few things to put them on.

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