Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And a tomato picture

Though I don't remember what variety the tomato on the left is (I took the picture a while ago) The tomato on the right is a pink accordian---and yes, I do like it. Not only is the "texture" interesting and draws attention but the acid balance is nice. It has a strong tangy tomato flavor---which I prefer to milder sweeter tomatoes.

We are not getting as many tomatoes as I would like since the birds are beating us to them. Next year I will either: net the tomatoes (which is kind of a pain to untangle in the fall) or try a trick they use in apple orchards. I have red plastic globes that are to be covered in tangle trap for when the apples are flowering and starting out to catch and kill coddling moths. Next year---by the time the tomatoes even start to first form---we won't need them any longer on the apple trees. I figure if we put them out in the tomato "bushes" the birds will see them and come to peck and eat them. However---they will be hard. So maybe by the time the tomatoes really do ripen the birds will assume they are just hard red things not worth their time.
Tricky aye? :-D


Phelan said...

your 'maters look great!

psst, it is up;

maggie said...

I'm having trouble with a few resident crows; oh, and a few wayward hens! I like that pink accordian.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks again Phelan :-)

Maggie---our crows will also get our eggs if the hens don't specifically lay them inside the hen house. They have a few outside nests they like to use periodically and the crows often get there first---smart thieves they are and quite the feast they are having at our expense: eggs, tomatoes, melons, sheep feed, dog food and the list goes on.