Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wolf in sheeps clothing?

Have we had the wool pulled over our eyes? In a recent upheaval amongst Anti-Nais groups, Mary Zanoni has spoken out by stating we are getting our fleeces shorn and didn't even know it.
Here is her recent article stating that the groups supposedly working for us---aren't. In other words we might be getting "suckered". If you go to the main Liberty Ark web site you can read their rebuttal. Personal--I am not sure who I believe. Since I have always written my own letter to my representatives and others concerning my "anti- nais" stand I don't feel completely fooled yet-- maybe disappointed if it is true. This is all the more reason though, to individually write our own letters instead of always signing petitions and letting others do our work for us.

Good day all---I have been sick and won't be posting for a bit unless something great comes up.

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