Sunday, February 4, 2007


Here is the inside of my fridge. Thank you Cheryl
It's always fun in a sicko kind of way doing these things hahahaha---by the way Cheryl I didn't clean it as asked BUT it is more empty than usual since family came recently. It bulges quite a bit more at times!

Anyways--let me give you a quick tour. You will notice many "Tupperware" in there with either leftover food, or bits waiting to use---always a mystery.
There is some homemade applesauce on the bottom shelf---best kind, and some cookies waiting for their turn in the oven (chocolate sandwich with peppermint filling---yummy)
Hamburger is in the middle and should have been tacos tonight, but didn't make it that far---now you know what I am having for dinner tomorrow. On the top shelf you will see---medicine for the animals (you always have to be prepared just in case) With the mandatory milk (I envy those that can get REAL milk--we haven't found anyone within a semi reasonable distance and our cows aren't milking yet) AND you will see the bottle of champagne lying there by the milk. Beer is on the bottom shelf---beer "downtown" and champagne "uptown" hahaha. That champagne is a gift to us for helping a friend----and it is VERY good. I can't wait to open it---but we have decided to save it for my husbands birthday.....Maybe. :-)
As Cheryl asked : Anyone else want to join in? Give me a heads up if you do and I will post that you did it --let everyone get some of laughs out of it. :-D


Cheryl said...

Thanks for playing along, Monica - I didn't realize you'd have to borrow a camera to do it!
I'll be over for tacos tomorrow night. ;D

Steffi said...

Hi Monica!
I´m a victim of Cheryl too.I did it and you can see our fridge in my blog.


Chelee said...

I did the fridge flash too! Love seeing what everyone has going in their fridges. That applesauce looks great!

BurdockBoy said...

I see one of those new jars on the bottom shelf. Is that the applesauce?

Fun stuff.