Sunday, February 4, 2007

And since I was posting....

Here are a few pictures from the other day when it snowed. Everyone was out but a bit wet at times since our snow was very "mushy" this time around. There is still a bit on the sides of some roads today which is funny since it has been up to 40---but we have had a very very cold wind so....

At the top we have "Ike"---a moorit spotted horned ram. He bred most of our ewes this year. He is actually one of my favorite sheep (out of the rams and ewes) for no other reason than the fact that he is moorit and spotted. One of the biggest reasons why I raise this breed---I love the browns that they come in and I love the spots. Ike has lots of other good points (we wouldn't breed him if color was his only good point) but I have to admit I am a sucker for a moorit spotted sheep.
Next in line is "Dare"--our Irish Dexter Bull. He's still the young guy in the pasture---but he's working hard to show he's up to the task for which we purchased him ;-)
The last picture is of two of our other rams. The moorit ram in the front is GG. He got to breed a few of our polled (meaning without horns) ewes. He actually is not suppose to have horns BUT something tried to tell him he should. We were going to cull him (yes, eat him) because of it but as we waited for him to grow large enough to cull---we found that we didn't have to worm him at all through the summer (very uncommon trait and since parasites are deadly to sheep unless you treat with chemicals....well you get the picture). So he got to stay and try out a couple of "wives" of his own. We'll hope none of his babies have horns but do have his "no worming needed" ability. The other sheep behind gg is "Al" a black spotted ram. He is a really nice ram that we will be selling this year. We have too many rams so Al is one who will not be staying with us. It's too bad since he has a very soft fleece for a ram and a very mild (around humans) personality but there are only so many rams that you need when you have as small of a farm as we do. Sometimes it's really hard to choose which to sell off since each one has different pros and cons.
Starting in about 6 weeks we will begin lambing season. The first ewe due is starting to look a bit "large". It will get more exciting as the time gets closer. Just wait---you will love seeing my lamb pictures! They are the best and cutest and funnest and sweetest and...........Nothing as cute as a baby lamb!

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