Monday, February 12, 2007

Their here!

No matter how many times you get chicks in the mail---it is always exciting :-D
So they are finally here---and temporarily residing in the house in two rubber maid style bins. We didn't quite finish getting their housing together before hand so they will have to wait a day or so for larger digs. No big deal since they are so small anyways.
This is my batch from Murray McMurray. It is a mix of Cuckoo Marans, Delawares and Silver laced Wyandottes. I don't know what "brownie" in the box is---probably one of my extras. Hopefully it will be a hen and not a rooster so we can keep the color if we like it. I actually received 33 for the order of 30-- though I am not sure if one of the little black ones will make it. It looks as if it was at the bottom of the pile for quite some time when I opened them (they shipped on Saturday). I put it on one of the radiators that I turned up quite high so it would put off enough heat for the baby, force fed it water for about 1/2 hour----and it finally opened it's eyes. Lucky little booger since I was trying to decide whether or not to pull it's neck by then.
Then, since I forgot to buy feed (????!!!) I had to run down and get some at the store. I wondered if blackie would be dead when I got back, but it isn't and it even chirped a couple of times when I made it drink some more. I haven't seen it eat, and it still sits incorrectly, but all the others are busily consuming itty bitty pieces of chick starter and look just fine. They were a bit cold at first and piled together under the light for about 10 minutes. I kept "stirring" them so they wouldn't squoosh each other---and they got warm just fine. So, maybe the little black one will make it or maybe not---but the others look good and 1 out of 33 isn't bad considering. I count them and myself lucky.
My next order comes from Ideal Poultry in Texas and ships on the 21st. It is a batch of French Cuckoo Marans (they have feathered legs instead of clean). Hopefully, I will be as lucky with them as these.

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Caroline said...

oooh, they're going to be *beautiful*! Some of my favorite breeds! Yes, there's nothing like the excitement of getting chicks in the mail... and trying to figure out what McMurray's "free exotic chick" really is. I hope little blackie makes it. Did you pick up the "Vitamins & Electrolytes" for the water, or add sugar to their water?

Cheryl said...

That has got to be the best kind of mail you can get! They are so adorable. I'm glad to hear that "Blackie" is doing better today.
I'd love to hear why you chose the breeds you did.

Phelan said...


Lucky you. Our new batch will be in next month.