Sunday, February 4, 2007

Paper pots in use

Here are some of the paper pots I posted about previously. I did end up using exactly two staples per pot since I made them so thick with newspaper that they wanted to "sproing" open before I could get the soil in place. So two well placed staples helped them out a bit. If they weren't so thick they wouldn't have needed the staples. Without the staples though---I would have needed at least three hands to keep them closed and fill them with soil at the same time.
Those are my artichokes in the pots. Out of thirty seeds planted on Jan 12th I have 9 that have sprouted. I have never grown artichokes before---ever. So considering I didn't know to soak them (I seem to miss that on most seeds!) and that artichokes supposedly have a low/slow germination I guess I would say I am doing O.K. Just O.K. I did have one sprout on Friday---so they are still working at it. Hopefully I will get at least 15. More would be better.
I find artichokes to be fascinating. I love them in eggs, salads and other dishes. I have never eaten one fresh before, always canned, so I look forward to having my own to experiment with. I am sure as with all things: fresh is better than canned. I think though that I might have trouble picking them to eat because the flowers are gorgeous looking. I might be compelled to let them go on to bloom just to look at their very fascinating flowers. Maybe after I start using them I won't care if they don't get to finish blooming or miss seeing the large purple flowers. I have to admit they are much more interesting looking than say---lettuce or broccoli flowers ---so therefore more enticing to allow to go on to bloom.
I hope with a good mulch they will stay alive through this next winter. I planted "violette" and "green globe" and with the slow seed sprouting I would prefer to not have to do it again. Supposedly green globe will last here with only a small amount of protection. I don't know about violette --we shall see. Other people I read about seem to have good luck with them. Maybe I will be one of them too.

Now, I am going to have to start collecting all the recipes with artichokes I have never tried because of the expense of buying them in the stores. This summer I should have my own "crop" of arty chokes!

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Cheryl said...

The pots look great, I have to get busy doing mine!