Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What a Bummer!

Recently I posted that I was moving into the last stages of the shawl I was knitting from some of my yarn. The yarn Greta was so nice to supply me with-- she said it wasn't a problem she would just grow some more :-)
Well, last night I had done a couple rows of the lace edging that the pattern had moved into. The stitch count is different, and since it is at the first few rows there are no visual cues. Believing that I had messed up I capped my needle and pulled the stitches back to view and count. Just as I pulled again (the needle is very stuffed at this point with 379 stitches) what should happen but I accidentally push off the cap and about 60 stitches fell off!! Bummer!! Just call me Mrs. Disappointment.
Now most people would unravel and just go back a few rows but I have a some problems with that: 1. I did not leave in a "life line" in any recent rows. 2. The previous rows are full of yarn overs and stitch together and I am not sure it would be any more correct than it is now and 3. the yarn is black, fuzzy and thin---not the best for seeing where a stitch is (this is actually the biggest problem)
I believe I have picked back up all dropped stitches (I have the correct number) but I think two are in the wrong spot some how. Hmmm....what to do. So I will procrastinate for a while, looking at it occasionally and either: 1. leave it and work with it since it is early in the pattern and it may not really show 2. pull out a number of rows and try and fix the problem without creating another problem or 3. slightly change the pattern to accommodate the issue as it is now.
Eventually I will decide and I will finish the shawl---at that time all will learn which I choice I make. These are the things that help you become a better knitter so I am only a bit disappointed that it happened. AND however it works out---most people will probably never notice and it will still be a functional piece of work--make that a functional piece of artwork. I have to admit I have learned a lot doing this particular pattern so I will always regard it as a good experience. I believe it will make me a better knitter overall.
But it is a bummer when things like that happen! DARN!
Hope everyone has a great day :-)

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