Sunday, January 14, 2007

Almost a baby's butt

So---we have worked on our water problem previously spoken of in regards to our concrete counter top and now have one cabinet with a sanded smooth top on it. It looks really good if I do say so myself---and REALLY the picture doesn't even do it justice. We can see much more glass than before. Everyone who sees it "pets" it for a while---it's really really neat. We still have to fill some voids (common issue) and seal it but I am so glad we did it. We have much more to do---and I think I need to order some more of the glass we are using.
We ended up using a lot of water---a lot a lot.
We now realize that we will have to get pretty creative to keep the flying h2o in place while doing the cabinets that can't be removed from the house. At least we have a wet dry vac which will be a great help in keeping the water contained. Unfortunately we will also have to use plastic sheeting. We have an extra heavy duty piece of a very large size that came tarped over our windows this summer when they were delivered. We have already gotten many uses out of it and it will come in handy again with this project. I won't feel so bad when we throw it away eventually because we have used and reused it BUT I will have to buy a few more. I doubt I will find plastic sheeting used---most people just throw it away after one use. To bad isn't it. We generally invest in drop clothes for painting and other projects to avoid plastic, but they won't work in this situation. We'd have water dripping everywhere.
Well, I'll keep this updated so anyone potentially interested in it can do it their selves too. We procrastinated a bunch on this project because even though all the books/magazines said it was easy---we never could find a blog or anything that a "regular" person did it and said it was easy. So now we know it's easy (as long as we don't have to carry them on our back!)

Here is a good link for more information:
Cheng Concrete Exchange----the original architect that made concrete counters/kitchens famous (not saying he was the first---just the first widely recognized concrete person)

And a picture forum for ideas: Decorative Concrete Photos


Jamie said...

That countertop is absolutely freaking gorgeous! Wow wow wow! Am making mental notes re: future kitchen remodel.

Cheryl said...

I'm really impressed too, they look fabulous! We'll definitely have to think about doing this for our kitchen, maybe even just for the island or something. Great job you guys!