Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Food for Thought

Sometimes as I sit and mull over the things I read--- I get a bit worried. Worried for my children's future and other families futures. Now I am sure that I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist sometimes and yes, I hate that I do sound that way. On the other hand with the advent of the national animal identification system, the "e-coli" cases (which I personally think are "helped" along to scare people, if only by the media) and other things I read: I don't think the America I was born into, and especially the America my grandparents were born into, will be Free and Democratic when I am near my dying time. The one thing that worries me more than erosions of free speech, lack of responsibility on the part of representatives, and human rights problems (and I am not even talking about other countries or whether I agree with how prisoners of "war" are being treated) is the problems with our food supplies. Remember what they taught us in school during social studies? That until a society has a decent water supply (first), a good food supply (second) and shelter (third)----no other things can be accomplished. Where do we think we are headed as a society?? We have a growing homeless population that people don't want to see---and contrary to what people think: the majority of homeless are single woman and their children (and you have to wonder where is the father????) We have eroding water supplies because of agriculture that will not change and a government that will not change. Why are there still so many laws against grey water and composting toilets when the are PROVEN ??? And don't even think about the golf courses in the desert. I mean really---of all the stupid laws we felt we needed we can't make one against golf courses in the desert?
We can agree that chemicals are bad for us but we can't get it together enough to stop the use of them in agriculture. Are we really that dumb that we can't believe that organics CAN work on a large scale?? We'd rather drink the chemicals----is that a see no evil mindset? And do we realize as a country that we import more food than we export? I assure you that there are still plenty of places to grow food to supply America if we would get off of our duffs and make laws about urban sprawl, roar out loud about public transit which we desperately need and break the large agricultural companies hold on law creation in our government that make laws about what a small farmer can and can't do. What about these stupid McMansion communities that make laws saying a grocery store and any business can't be near them? Why? So one individual can drive one car that gets about 17 miles to the gallon, 6 or more miles away to get groceries? And if you live in rural areas you have to go further because there are so many laws about selling food products off your farm---nobody can do it (legally anyways). And personally I wouldn't "sneak" raw milk to just anyone---I'd be worried they would get sick with something else, then the government would find out they drank raw milk from me and of course: who would get blamed??? Not the local burger joint where it probably came from OR maybe the salad buffet they ate off of.
Don't you even believe that if you are a vegetarian that you are o.k. With all the E-coli cases that have happened this year that are related to produce (even if it started with confinement operations) I am starting to wonder what law will come up within the next decade (at most) that will put some sort of restriction on green produce.
Think about it: There is only so much money a person needs to have "all" they want in life. After that it is human nature to get bored. What's the next and ultimate goal? Control. Power. Who better to control than the population. Look around the world. There are plenty of examples and what better way to do it than with food?
I just happened to turn on the t.v last night and flicked through and came upon the end of Lou Dobbs. He had just started to "interview" 3 public radio/talk show hosts from across the country. One from DC, one from the north and one from somewhere in the southwest I think. ALL 3 ended with this: That the Congress and Senate are NOT LISTENING to the people. They and their radio callers all agreed on that and also this : The new Congress/Senate will be no different because they WON'T listen to us. They are listening only to the companies with money. And there are fewer and fewer of them with more and more money. What has happened to monopoly legislation? It's out the window people.
People----if they get enough letters eventually they will get it or the will get voted out. Don't forget the heads of the Congress and Senate when you write. Let them know what you are upset about to. Spread your annoyance around.
If you don't ever write your representatives in Congress or the Senate: Now is the time. Write mine if you want to because you didn't like what they did or voted on. We MUST gain control of our government. We can not hide in the sand any longer thinking someone else will do it for us. To many people do that. They complain to their friends but it goes no further.
Here is a nice little piece from the Washington Post to read that has those Demies and Repubs working together to screw us all over. Here

And don't forget if you live in another country: Their doing the same things there just with different names. So Americans and others please if you do nothing else in the next month:


Cheryl said...

You go, girl!
As for governments screwing us around, the existing Liberal MP (member of parliament) in our riding ran on a platform of keeping out the "evil" Conservatives during the last federal election and won, but the day the Conservative party came into power, he crossed the floor and joined their side, taking a nice appointment at the same time. Rigged much? People tried like crazy to have him recalled, but he was of course found to have done nothing wrong. Makes you wonder why you even bother sometimes.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks Cheryl for the comment. I was hoping you would---so that it would help me make my point about other countries being just as bad. We are all in for a rough ride if we don't rein in our governments soon.