Friday, January 12, 2007

My take on the situation

I recently posted about our concrete counter tops and would like to update slightly about that situation. The last we posted was that we had poured two small section but had to wait until after the holidays to sand/polish them. Well, I also didn't tell you we had to order the sanding disks (which look nothing like wood sanding disks I found out). We finally received the disks (which is a completely different fiasco that I won't blog about) and decided to give them a "spin" the other night.
Since we will not be able to carry the peninsula outside to sand we decided to leave the small cabinet in the kitchen to get a feel for how it will be when doing the bigger/longer sections. I said " don't forget to tarp the cabinet so that it doesn't get damaged" to my wonderful spouse. Which he did do. Then---while I was engaged doing something else --he preceded to start sanding. Which was fine. Until he added a very small amount of water to the process as you are suppose to do to keep the little bits of rock from gouging the much softer cement (yes, in the scheme of things cement is very soft. Much much softer than granite and marble to give you an example). At this point let me add that he forgot to tarp ALL the cabinets and only did the one he was working on AND in all fairness neither of us really thought it would be that big of a deal. Irregardless what we thought--- when you add water to a situation that has a disk spinning at about 2000 revolutions per minute---it splashes just a bit. Just a little bit---really.
He said he sanded with the water for a couple of seconds and checked to see if it was splashing--because he DID realized that it could happen. The problem was that he checked by looking down at the front of himself which was basically not splashed except for a very very small bit and in doing so he forgot to look sideways.
Well, when I came in the kitchen I had an entirely different vantage point which included the fronts of all the surrounding cabinets. Think one of those "exploding soda pop bottle" type situations. All of them had cement "juice" slung across them from top to bottom, and it was across the floor and the dishwasher and the living room floor---almost to the living room chair (which luckily has a slip cover so it would have been washable). To end this story---we cleaned it all up and now have a completely different perspective on what it will take to tarp the kitchen in preperation for this job. As I am sure you can imagine.


SimplyTim said...


Round about now you might wonder if the lifestyle in this link might be an alternative for you and your least for fantsay relief:


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Tim: We watched a show on t.v not to long ago about a couple that did just that--lived primitively with tepee and very few posessions. We watched it because they were showing how to tan leather with animal brains. I always wondered if they owned their own land---but they did/do teach at one of the universities near them in California to earn money. Very interesting idea but I wonder if it would work on a large scale in this day and age. Hmmm.....I'd hate to carry my counter tops on my back though.

SimplyTim said...

Monica: re: "Hmmm.....I'd hate to carry my counter tops on my back though." ...that's when you press your husband into service!