Sunday, January 7, 2007


While browsing in Barnes and Noble yesterday I happened to read a couple of the articles in Permaculture Magazine. This is a magazine that I do enjoy but not always all of it---in other words not always cover to cover. I would buy it but since it comes over seas it has a larger price tag than normal so there for I buy only those that I feel I need to keep for reference.

I do how ever cheat and copy down web page references from articles if I think I might be interested in learning/seeing/studying more about the subject.
Here is a web blog that was mentioned in one of the articles and I wrote it down. The blogger is very good in the telling of a story and I found it interesting just in the few postings I have read. Maybe you will find it enjoyable also:

Here is a site for a lady raising sheep in England-- Woolly Shepherd. From what I gather they have a heck of a time selling their wool if they don't sell it through the government wool pools. She and the site above were in the same article which spoke of "home grown" woolen goods and the making of organic wool duvets. She also felts leftover bits of wool to make into hanging baskets liners to keep in the soil---instead of coir liners. I might try that myself since I always have wool bits left over. She also has natural/plant (and chemical) dyed yarns, bamboo needles (one of my favorite) and stitch markers for sale. Her links page has her web blog site if it interests you.

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Cheryl said...

I've looked at that magazine online before but never in real life. I think the library has it as a reference, I guess I'll have to go look for them.
The Permaculture in Brittany blog looks wonderful, thanks for the link!