Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Your watching my life----(maybe I am watching yours)

So...absent from this blog I have been for a while. Sorry. Our last situation I posted about, though not resolved, is quiet. That I believe is because we live so darn far away :-) Makes it much easier to ignore those that are trying to ignore you hahaha

Remodeling is going on briskly here. Scaffolding for the job of siding repair will show up at the end of this week. Grout samples for my kitchen are being perused and the last of our work downstairs will soon be done including hanging those surround sound speakers I have been storing for 4 years. All of that will leave us with 1 bathroom and some trim work to do basically. Yeah!
We are also deeply tangled in all the things required of a recent job change. Health insurance paperwork, 40lk and pension rollovers and all their choices, life insurance policies (going out on our own) and a myriad of other small but not inconsequential things related to all of this. Yik.

So, since my life is boring and too hectic to mess with right now I leave you with this very very disturbing piece of information I found as a blip in the Time magazine.
It is an organization called Privacy International and they are a human rights group.
Recently they put out their new study of "leading surveillance societies". I am sure most American's will be shocked to know that based on a set of criteria that we rank very low. Right down there with Russia and some other bad boys. O.k---it seems most of the world is becoming a "bad boy" lately, however I can't say I am completely shocked. Just by trying to feel "safer" we are allowing terrorist groups (name any of them) to win. Oh well---I do my letter writer and Senator calling part little as it may be. Anyway---check out that last link. Scroll down and look at all of it since it is very interesting. Quite eye opening to say the least.

And for a quick late add in how about this news from Yahoo about America placing last out of 19 industrialized countries for preventable health care deaths.
Boy---do we need to wrangle in all these Congress people and Senators and get them to do a damn job other than interrogate baseball players about whether or not they are taking steroids.


Cheryl said...

Hi Monica,
Just trying to catch up on my blog reading, so I thought I'd take the time to say "hi"!
It sounds like you've got some exciting changes on the way - best of luck!

Robbyn said...

I looked at the surveillance link with the charts and rankings...sobering.

Sounds like you've got your hands full with important things yourself...glad to know it's for good things ahead!

maggie said...

Sorry to hear about all your livestock woes. I hope things are going better.

We've been talking about remodeling... I'm so not looking forward to it :)