Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pardon Me

Thank you to all the well wishers for all the positive comments on my previously mentioned problem. Things are much better around here (well somewhat anyway if you exclude the in laws) however our house was struck by lightening! Whack isn't it!!?? Those freak storms that came through were like summer but worse, more lightening and more thunder. We lost a number of transformers in our area along with phone and cable for a short time. No one is hurt---nothing is really damaged BUT my computer is out after the surge jumped through the cable moden into our router and then of course fried my computer. So please PARDON ME as I have to borrow one until mine is repaired ---which means I only have access while my family is home. Debate as to repair or replacement has slowed the issue so please be patient while "we remodel" hehehehe Hope everyone is well. Good week to you :-D


mommymommyland said...

oh, my!!! Glad you are all alright and thecomputer took the owrst of it. Hopefully precious memories can be saved from it and you can come back soon!

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Living in the age of the computer now, it amuses me how reliant we are on them and how annoyed I get if the server is down for a short while. Have you lost any important data? I hope not.

In terms of replacing it, we bought a replacement (Apple eMac) via eBay for an eighth of the cost of buying a new laptop replacement (when our screen broke) and it's worked out really well. because of the rate of development, people are always upgrading, so there must be loads of good computers lying around doing nothing.

best of luck finding a solution and getting up and running once more,