Friday, January 25, 2008

Moving Along with some concrete staining

Sorry to be gone for so long. My computer has been fixed for about a week now---but I developed other interests while waiting for it to work again :-)

As you all know we have been/are remodeling our house. I did finally finish my tile work in my kitchen (including the hundreds of cut tiles---each 3/4") except that it is not grouted. I am still sampling and mixing for the correct color---put off at times as other things intrude. Each time I make a new sample board I have to wait at least one day for the tile mortar to set then I grout and wait another two days for the true color to come out. I need to make another sample board (again) of two or three mini tiles so I can try out some more different proportions of color. As soon as I settle on the right (read perfect) grout color---it won't take long to have a finished product. Yes, I am a bit of a screwball as I search for the "exactly" right thing.

Anyway---as we waited for the new computer parts to arrive and for sample boards to dry we have begun work on our bedroom. The ceiling is painted, the walls are almost finished being painted. One wall is missing it's paint since it is a different color and I forgot to buy it when I was at the paint store. Molding is going up and now I am about to stain the cement floor. Our bedroom is a converted open face basement. It was originally a business in the lower part of our house and had partition walls, millions of phone lines and plugs in the ceilings. It even had a very large non removable "NO SMOKING ALLOWED" sign on the old sliding door. All that is now gone---and looking much nicer I might add even in it's not quite finished state.
Anyway---as I said I am about to stain the concrete floor since we will not (because of allergies) use a wall to wall carpet. We could use tile for a slightly fancier look---but it is not in our budget right now and besides we have always liked the look of stained concrete. Long popular in California and Texas---we were exposed to it long before it became so hot through out the rest of the country and have had many "Stained concrete! I can't imagine not covering it up. Are you sure it will look good?" reactions.
Years ago, during a trip to Texas, I forayed into Dallas and bought Kemiko concrete stain in cola (scroll down to see colors) in anticipation of this time. Lately however, I was thinking I might like to add a bit of randomness to the color and, since it is very expensive (because of the danger) to ship acid stain chemicals through the mail---I searched for sites on making my own. The shipping cost can almost double the price since they are considered hazardous chemicals.
Here is one site on concrete staining: my search term was "homemade concrete stain"
There are other links and sites than just that one of course. Hope this helps some others get some ideas and maybe save some money. I will eventually show finished pics---please have patience since I do the work as time and finances are available (I do always finish though!)

Glad to be back---hope everyone is having a good winter.
By the way---it's almost time for PEA PLANTING here!

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Robbyn said...

Oh I'll be following your concrete stain progress with great's what we're going to do for whatever house we build next. glad to see you posting as time allows :)