Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sort of finished

Here is the shawl I posted about so so so so so so long ago made from one of my Icelandic sheep's fleece.
The problem, and hence the delay in finishing was the lack of yarn to finish the project with. I underestimated the amount needed (oops!) and so I could not figure out how to end it. Should I change color? Try and spin the daughter's fleece to match since the ewe has changed color slightly? Should I try and substitute a different pattern that would require less yarn......finally I just decided to cast off. Fortunately it really doesn't look as if I abruptly ended---though it would have been nicer if it had the whole pattern on it. However, I am glad it is no longer sitting in the room reminding me that: "hey! I am still unfinished over here!"
So now it is blocking and will be finished by tomorrow. The size is actually nice and will still be very functional for me. Overall---I like it. However, I will be more careful about gauging yarn needs in the future. Of course a sweater is always easier since you can make the sleeves a different color and it looks as if you intended it to be that way. A different color border on this type of shawl would have looked...well....a bit out of place I think :-)

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