Saturday, June 16, 2007

Organic Grains

I came across this article on a family that grows organic grain in The New Farm newsletter (put out by the Rodale institue)

They are the Bluebird Grains Farm and grow organic emmer, hard red and soft white wheat, flax, rye. The article says that they before they even purchase their acreage to grow on they will test their soil for chemicals previously used. They pass by acreage that shows any trace of chemicals from the past ---so their grain must really be about as organic as you can get. So far---they don't make a full living on their farm, a second job is still a must. However---like many of us they hope to eventually turn it into a full time position.

I am going to order some of the emmer so I can try it out. I have never had it so it will be interesting to cook and eat some of it. I like to try different grains every now and then. This year I was to grow amaranth, however it became dry so quickly that I didn't plant all of the things I was going to plant. (Yes, we are still extremely dry---and even though it frequently looks promising for rain we get a 10 minutes soft shower about ever 10 days. Not very "thirst quenching" to say the least). Anyways--maybe some of you will try the emmer too.

Sorry about the lengthy hiatus----I am sure as we get closer to fall I will be more regular however there is much to do this summer and we find ourselves eating dinner regularly at 9 at night lately. Not my favorite time to eat but it does cut down on late night snacking! I will update everything as soon as I can with pictures. Don't go away---permanently anyways :-D

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maggie said...

How are your sheep handling all the heat? I'm guessing it's hot there as it's been way too warm and dry here. My goats love it, but they are made for this kind of weather.
We also got a late start on a lot of the garden - we had frost warnings in late May!