Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A little change

For a while now I have had the following anonymous quote in the side bar of this blog site:

Quote " I have learned in my long marriage and even longer life of 88 years, that worrying is an exercise in futility and does not change a thing. I haven't worried since the Nazis arrested me in 1938 and shipped me off to a concentration camp. I had worried the night before but I decided afterward that worrying is a waste of time and no help at all. What will be will be."

I hate to take it down since I so completely like it (it even made Tim think I was a spry old lady)
However recently I read this one on Liberty Farm and feel that at this point in my life and in my countries history it more profoundly reflects my feelings on various situations that are occurring. So I will replace the above quote with the following one:

Wendell Berry on war:

As a father, I must look at my son, and I must ask if there is anything I possess – any right, any piece of property, any comfort, any joy – that I would ask him to die to permit me to keep. I must ask if I believe that it would be meaningful – after his mother and I have loved each other and begotten him and loved him – for him to die in a lump with a number hanging around his neck. I must ask if his life would have come to meaning or nobility or any usefulness if he should sit – with his human hands and head and eyes – in the cockpit of a bomber, dealing out pain and grief and death to people unknown to him. And my answer to all these questions is one that I must attempt to live by: No.