Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Breastfeeding????? :-O

So as I looked around this morning I stumbled on this article through The Green Mommy blog spot. It is entitled "Because Mother Nature made bottles for a Reason"
Generally I wouldn't blog about something like this since both my children are older and hopefully I am still a bit away from grandchildren. On the other hand---sometimes even those of us not affected need to realize what is happening so we can put in our 2 cents worth--especially if we want to have the opportunity for ourselves or family/friends to do whatever it is in the future. Even the far far future.
Now I would like to say: I breastfed one child but not the other. Reasons? I was not very confident of myself when my daughter was born and HOW embarrassing is seemed to breastfeed in public--not many did it. And yes, people STARED at you. At least it seemed that way. My son is 4 years younger and I still had a problem with it but persevered through it so he could enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding. My opinion now: wish I had stuck it out with my daughter. She is the child that has asthma (she is 19 years old). And my son? well he had food allergies so every time I look back I am always glad I held out. Anyways--read the article it is quite funny and so are some of the links in the article (like the Barbara Walters link)

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