Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And a magazine review too

Last night as we watched the Daily Show on Comedy Central, John Stewart did an "interview" of a Senator who has recently written a book. To make a long story short said Senator (missed his name) who happens to also be an ordained minister, said some things concerning separation of Church and State. That brought back to mind a magazine I used to get before we moved to this house. ( This is not one of those magazines that will hound you endlessly to re subscribe so you kind of have to stay on top of it or the subscription will lapse.)

If you are concerned about separation of church and state, don't understand it or would like to better understand it or just want to find out more about happenings around the country pertaining to separation of church and state----read Liberty Magazine. I highly recommend it.

Liberty Magazine is a publication of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. But if you think that just because a church publishes this magazine it will be full of preaching or pushing religion in everything---you are wrong. This is absolutely hands down one of the best sources I have ever found for understanding legal issues pertaining to separation of church and state, religious rights in public and work places etc. They cover many many subjects, generally framed in a very understandable way, and they do not get "wound up" in fervor. In the time that I had a subscription they covered topics having to do with saying prayers in school, burning the flag , topics having to do with covering religious rights of Muslims, Jews and other religions that practice on Saturday instead of Sunday, defense of Amish and Mennonite, work place rights pertaining to both expression of religion and not having to be subject to expression (just depends on the issue). They covered very fully the issue of the Electoral College when Vice President Gore lost to George Bush.

On their declaration page they state:
The God given right of religious liberty is best exercised when church and state are separate.
Government is God's agency to protect individual liberties and to conduct civil affairs.......

You can read more at their web site. For the low low price of only 6.95--- you can get six issues and try it for yourself. Maybe you won't like it---but maybe you will. It surely gives you plenty to think about.

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Jamie said...

I've never heard of that magazine and should really check it out! Thanks for the tip.

But what I really came here to say is...I followed my nose over here from Maggie's blog, and OMG! I need to read you all the time. And do you ever have extra Dexters to sell? Because sometime in the next 2 years or so, I would dearly love to get a cow and calf. I fell in love with the breed after seeing them on the British River Cottage TV show.