Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I seem to have trouble yet again with blogger. I can't seem to see my blog.
Hellooooo....is anyone out there?!


Bill Harshaw said...


SimplyTim said...

Hi Monica,

I can see todays post re trouble.

BTW, I'll be sending you an email back channel later today or tomorrow.


Paulette said...

Hey there Monica, I'm out here :-)

It did take a bit to get into your site, but I just assumed the hold up was on my end of the line.

Kathie said...

Everything came through Google reader just fine and let me click through to comment.

trying to live the good life said...

To all of you---I had to laugh when your replies first came into my mail box. I could not see the post so I didn't think it was up----very baffling to get Bill's "YES" :-D Then I got it! And today I can see---after waiting about 5 minutes for it to load. Angel's singing ahhhhhhh....:-D
Thanks to all of you