Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is better.....

to give than receive.
I don't believe you could find any religion or human that doesn't agree with this.

And so I will tell the story of a friend.
My friend Phelan of A Homesteading Neophyte.
Who's family is just one of the many that we now know that have been affected by this terrible economic crisis affecting our country...and the world we are told.

Her family may lose their home----just in time for Christmas.
And though her husband and she have worked hard to make their payments and feed their children, her husband's new job does not pay close to his previous job lost earlier this year. Like many.

So...could I ask you to please read her story here? Read Monday Dec 8th's entry and the 9th's please.
And then...even if only a dollar .....could you please try and help her family make up the $1600 dollars they need? Also...could you send out a prayer or a wish of goodness to her and her husband and children? (There is a paypal button for convenience....she fought it but we -- her friends-- prevailed!)

And for those of you that are somewhat skeptical about things like this let me just say that there is a time to take a leap of faith.
Faith in humanity and our ability to move past the ugly we can sometimes encounter and help someone instead of just giving to an organization or a change jar or passing by altogether. I know many times in my life I have walked past someone struggling with something as simple as a door and not thought twice about helping---only later to kick myself for not doing something. This issue is much more important than the door though so please....don't walk past it.

And since we want everyone to realize we are on the up and up...you will be able to read Phelan's blog and keep up if she is able to stay on line through the library. If not...you can keep up with her through my blog here or my group blog at womennotdabbling.wordpress.com. We will absolutely keep everyone posted about how this turns out.

P.S....my computer is not "interfacing" with blogger correctly. Though I am told others can see this and I can get into this part to write, I can not see the actual blog nor reply to comments. Hopefully I will figure out this issue soon. Thanks for your understanding.


Killi said...

5 years ago, I was sitting shivering at my computer with no wood for my wood burner & a broken range ~ the only other source of heat/hot water & cooking. My then online community of musicians rallied around behind my back, ordered a load of wood (local wood, but ordered by friends living in Spain!) & then sent me an email telling me to pick up a paypal "cheque". I'm not sure that any of those musicians lived in the UK where I was, they were spread round the world ~ some I'd met, many I hadn't. The wood was delivered the day that snow started (as soon as the wood was in my garage!) & just before I slipped & cracked ribs around my spine. (I'm partially hemi-plegic anyway, with no sense of balance & had been living alone with my 3 childer for 2 years after my ex was arrested for violence & abuse to us.) I was so pleased by what those friends did for me & so thankful for them.

I still don't have much money at all & the SVP here were horrified that my house (I've moved since the last time ~ I had to to avoid ex & an unsuccessful suitor ~ to an old cottage that needs renovating) was colder inside than out, so fuel for my fire & range magically appeared in my yard.

I've given what I can ~ before the bank managed to swipe it ~ via twofroghome's email, I'm just sorry that it was so little

trying to live the good life said...

Killi...it sounds as if you have more than a first hand knowledge of bad times. I hope that things work out along the way how you would like them to be---in other words super best luck to you. Also...NEVER apologize about giving "less" because it's not about how much---but that you do it. Thank you from both myself and Phelan. Hopefully you will come back and read us at womennotdabbling.wordpress.com every so often.

Killi said...

I must add WNMDIN to my Mozilla page of blogs! I do read it from time to time, but must go back & read it all & add it to my wordpress bloglist ~ blogger won't let me add anything except text-only posts to my blogspot blog

Wendy said...

I wanted to cry when I read Phelan's post about the possibility of losing her farm. I've been following her blog for a while now, and she and her family have worked SO hard. They *are* homesteaders and to lose even one of the people who can teach us how to live in these uncertain times would be a horrible shame.

It's wonderful that you've reposted her story to share with others :).

trying to live the good life said...

Killi...I do like wordpress a bit better than blogger. It seems to have fewer "glitches" though it did take me a bit to figure out all the "stuff"
Oh yeah...thanks for linking into WomenNotDabbling.

Wendy...so far it looks a bit better. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed. With this economy unfortunately many are having the same problem. Makes me feel extra lucky but want to cry too.