Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can we change?

As many of you know I have not been keeping up with my blog. We as a family have turned down another path that life has offered us and with that change....things just got crazy. We expect some small...and some big....changes within the next year or two and all of the effort we put into our goals takes away time from this blog.
As the blog seemed to fall to the way side these last few months with all we are doing and expecting to do ---I had to come to the decision of whether or not to keep my blog here. As some of you are aware, I have recently been doing a Monday slot on a group blog: womennotdabbling.wordpress.com so it is not like I had to give up something I enjoyed completely.
I have to admit---I immensely enjoy the shared blog for the simple reason that it is much more convenient for readers. You, the reader, know everyday there WILL be a new post. Not like on an individual blog where chores and life interject and then posting gets put off, yet the readers show up each day hoping for a new post.

So..here is what I decided. I will keep this blog and post about once a week however at the end of each blog I will put a link for womennotdabbling so that you can always troll over there for a quick fix of homesteading information.

Also, unfortunately we are selling all our sheep. That is part of the change in our life reflective of the different path I spoke of. So...I will not have anymore sheep posting here as my sheep will be gone in the next few weeks. If some of you would like to read more sheep posts though please see Keepingthefarm.blogspot.com. Nancy is a very good writer and her posts on sheep farming will keep you well informed and give you a good laugh along with an occasional cry.

Lastly...don't forget to pay attention to the presidential candidates. We have some serious problems in this country right now and it requires not only our attention, but our vote. Don't believe those stupid 30 second commercials that try and make you turn on one candidate or the other. There are all kinds of internet sites that compare policy platforms on the internet that are easy to read and understand. Please read those instead.
Studies show that Americans want candidates to run a "nice" race and talk issues not just complain about each other. However, studies also show (and they prove) that when a candidate is losing that if he/she runs a "dirty" campaign---he/she will pull ahead in the polls and more often than not win. Awful isn't it? We say one thing...but do another. Too bad.

Have a great day all.


Gina said...

I feel the same way about posting at WnDiN. I like having a schedule and I think it is convenient for a reader. My own blogging has waned as my "real life" chore list has grown.I want to accomplish big things by OCT and this has meant less Internet time.

We plan to downsize our farm in the near future mainly due to space and hay/grain costs. Really it would make more sense to raise livestock as a community, but in our individual-centred society, we instead each have our own herds, equipment, pastures, etc.

Oh, maybe I will be politically labeled for these viewpoints, ha!

Good luck with your endeavors!

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Hi Monica!
First off, I wanted to apologise for never getting back to you over the "meme". Then I read this blog and the one a couple previous and realise that you have also found it difficult to do all your stuff and get near a computer keyboard.

Thank you for your latest comment to our own blog and yes, I can confirm that it's me who wrote the letter in Permaculture Magazine critical of earthships. I've had a few people say the same thing as you did, so clearly it needed saying.

We've sorry to hear that you're giving your sheep up but eager to read more of these big lifechanges. We hope it all works out well for you.

Best wishes,
Stuart and Gabrielle in France