Friday, April 4, 2008

Some have come

First---apologies to some of you for not answering your comments. I have been "away". That's how we'll leave it :-D But I do apologize for seeming to ignore.

Anyway---I have lambs and other things to blog about so maybe I will have more presence here in the coming weeks and months.

My first lambs have arrived. My ewe Aleda has had two beautiful lambs for me early this morning and accomplishing it without a hitch just like the pro she is. Aleda has always given all the "classic" signs of immenent lambing the 24 hours preceding her lambing so we have never failed to know when she would lamb. Her milk bag will gain a large amount of size the preceding day, she will take herself off to be alone and away from the others and her flanks will sink in to tell us that the lambs are getting their selves ready and in position. Thankfully Aleda is kind to us like that unlike some of the others that try and trick us for weeks previous to their lambing. They continually leave us hanging and watching and wondering. Oh well, we are speaking of sheep here.
Here are some pictures of the first of this years lambs--standing lamb is a ram and laying lamb is a ewe--- and one of Mikey (their guardian) saying a quick Hello. Oh yes---and a quick picture of the bluebird box. Hopefully they will all show up---you know how blogger is with pictures :-(


Hayden said...

Beautiful guardian dog - but I wouldn't want to be a predator and on his wrong side!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Oh---he's a lover not a fighter. At least with people. Though he does have one neighbor he dislikes. Only because our friend Mike has to walk right near Mikey's fence each day to go to work ---Mikey is very enthusiastic about his properties boundary lines and I guess he feels he never officialy gave Mike approval to walk there.
Or maybe it's all about the name :-D