Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not quite finished

Hope everyone's holiday time is going well. I know some of you have snow---hopefully it didn't create problems for you as it came down.

I just wanted to post a few pictures of our tile work in our kitchen. Actually my husband wanted to show some friends so I am putting them up before it is actually done. However---you can get an overall idea of what it will look like. I still need to finish the small cut tiles that fill in corners and edges and to grout but looks kind of cool doesn't it :-) The edging at the top is some 1" aluminum that my husband cut and installed. It makes a nice "stop edge" since we don't have upper cabinets.
The color in the second picture is a bit more accurate though not 100% true. I have forgotten how to change my camera to daylight (versus indoors or fluorescent lighting etc) so I keep getting a bit of over exposure on my pics. I will figure out how to change it again eventually but until then--- well sorry but the pics are kind of bright.

Oh yes, here's the link back to my post on making these grids of tile: Making tiles
Yes, it was a bit tedious but as you can see---well worth it.

Have a super great holiday season whichever holiday you may be celebrating!!


Greet said...

Wow - randomness is hard to manage in a balanced way, and you did it. Looks great! Love the edging.

MommyMommy said...

Your pictures are noy working! :(


Robbyn said... the colors!!!

Woody said...

I'm not seeing any pictures of your tile doubt another blogger glitch.

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Sorry the pics aren't working correctly---sometimes I can't see them either.
I will repost once I grout and hopefully they will stay where I put them to be viewed. I guess we can thank blogger for the coming and going of everyone's pictures :-D