Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cupcake pincushion

Just a little something cute I mocked up to see if I would like it. Pretty nifty use for leftover bits of yarn and fleece isn't it? I will sell it at my booth this weekend and if I can---I will make a few more.

I found the instructions for something similar on line and, though I made a few minor adjustments to it, I think it works fabulously.

I will place the instructions below so you can try it out yourself if you are interested. The changes I made were:

1) Using a slightly different stitch pattern for the "frosting" part. I don't think I will use the exact same one again but I do think it worked out a bit nicer than the original pattern. It was a type of small bobble for the first two rows of frosting stitch---which I think makes it look as if it fluffs out over the cupcake. Just increasing the stitches might give the same effect but be slightly easier.

2) I wove in a piece of thread using a needle, right at the top of the cupcake (where it meets the frosting and from the same yarn/thread as I knitted it from) and tied it to keep the cupcake side from pooching out of shape from the stuffing. Using the needle pull the ends of the yarn into the cupcake to hide them.

3) instead of a plastic insert/water bottle to keep the sides and bottom from deforming we used the string as I mentioned above at the top and a small circle piece of felt that we lightly needle felting to the bottom. The round piece of felt is on the inside so you don't see it but it was thick enough to stabilize the bottom. If you don't needle felt (easy easy) then you could lightly tack it in place with matching yarn. Nicer I think than the plastic. I did have to wet the cupcake at the bottom to help the fibers release the strong "point" from where it was started and help it flatten out before I had the circle felted in place.

4) I used clean, but not good enough for anything else, wool fleece for the stuffing. That's not necessarily a change so much as that is what I had on hand versus what I didn't (polyester stuffing in this case). If you ask around you can find lower quality fleeces to stuff your projects with for low prices. When using it I first wash the fiber. Let it dry. Then hand pull it to fluff it. Even if it is somewhat matted you can work them into the center of the object. Works like a charm and is hypoallergenic too since dust mites can't grow in it. Don't throw the object into the washing machine to clean it though---only hand wash---or it will felt into a hard mass.

5) Use a good thick yarn for the "cherry" on top. It really makes it stand out---but of course is not necessary.

This pattern abounds on line so it's easy to find if you lose it.

worsted weight yarn in cake, icing and cherry colors
size three or four double pointed needle set. (dpns)
plastic cap, or bottom of plastic water bottle, to fit into the base of the cupcake

With cake color, cast on 6 sts on dpns.
Row 1 (and all odd-numbered rows): k all sts
Row 2: kfb into each st (12 sts)
Row 4: [kfb, k1] across (18 sts)
Row 6: [kfb, k1] across (27 sts)
Row 8: [kfb, k2] across (36 sts)
Row 9: p all sts (36 sts)
Rows 10-19: [k1,p1] across (36 sts)

Switch to icing colour.
Row 20: k all sts (36 sts)
Row 21-30: p all sts (36 sts)
Row 31: decrease 6 sts evenly across
Row 32: p all sts (30 sts)
Row 33: decrease 6 sts evenly across (24 sts)
Row 34: p all sts (24 sts)

Place plastic lid into the base of the cupcake and fill with stuffing.

Row 35: p2tog across (12 sts)
Row 36: p all sts (12 sts)
Row 37: p2tog across (6 sts)

Switch to cherry colour.
Row 38: k all sts (6 sts)
Row 39: kfb into each st (12 sts)
Row 40: k all sts (12 sts)
Row 41: k2tog across (6 sts)

Cut yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Thread needle with yarn, and run needle through remaining sts. Fasten tightly and knot. Pull knot through the center of the cherry, with the needle emerging at the base of the cherry. Wind the yarn tightly around the base of the cherry ( I did not do this as it looked better without it), pass it through the cherry again, emerging at the top. Trim yarn to resemble a cherry stem.

This is a quick couple hour project. Good luck and send me a quick note if you make one since I would like to see it!


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This is the 2nd time I've written this message - not sure if the 1st went through, so I apologize if there's any duplication.

I've added your cupcake to my pattern page. I'm glad you like the pattern, and am thrilled that you were able to sell the FO! Just wanted to say that there's a Ravelry pool for this pattern - you're welcome to post the FOs there. It's neat to be able to see all the variations in one place. The link is at the bottom of this page:

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