Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well, as a break from the recent spinning, I am laying out my tile for my kitchen wall. I have "mulled" over exactly how I wanted it to look for a while now and with the counters finished---we can tile. The tile will not only look nice but also cover up the cement water that splashed onto the walls and stained them.
So...though I will probably be a while laying it out AND I decided to order a few more of a few select colors from Mosaic Tile is a sneak preview of what it will eventually be like. You can get somewhat of an idea of what I am aiming for with these pictures :-) Lots of color!

Have a great 4th everyone! * * * *

Oh yes----we are getting some little bitty rain showers lately. Not enough to grow grass but at least enough to turn some of it back to a light shade of green. More would be greatly appreciated though!


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Hi Monica,

It's good to read that you've had a splash of rain. We had over twice the average for June and have lost all our potatoes to blight. We need to sort out some long pipe between Brittany, France and Georgia, US so you can have our excess! It's also good to read that you keep your spirits up and keep busy as it must be stressful looking at brown pasture with animals to feed. The finished henhouse looks great, as does the shawl. Before you finalise the mosaic design, check out Antonio Gaudi the Spanish (Catalan) architect who just dodn't like straight lines in a building where a cureve will do and was a real whizz with mosaics.
Best wishes,

maggie said...

I love those glass tiles. I've worked with them in the past. When we do our big remodel here I will have to use them, no doubt about it! Great colors!!!

farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Thanks Maggie! I am trying to do fun colors for once instead of "We might sell someday--- so lets do beige" :-)

Cheryl said...

You've definitely got an artist's eye! Want to come design my kitchen backsplash for me? :D

Robbyn said...

It's great to see you working with color...I'm SO sick of the rental beiges. The tiles look great...hope you post the Befores Durings and Afters :)

Congrats on the rain...will try to send some of ours your way

Ugh, braindead nice to catch up with your blog, Monica