Tuesday, July 31, 2007

COOL & NAIS update

Just an update to anyone who may have commented to their Senators, Congress persons or even heads of various committees in Congress: As of last Friday the national animal identification system had been separated from the Country Of Origin Labeling that was being addressed in the new farm bill. Knowing which country your food comes is a good thing, needing to tag every "farm" animal even if the person does not own a farm, is a bad thing.
Debate and complete passing is still not completely over yet---so write, write, write to make sure they get the message in Washington. We don't want them to re slip it in at the last minute of Farm Bill approval.
However even if the final Farm Bill had passed and Nais was not attached to it---the fight would still not be over. Mandatory programs (as in Wisconsin and Michigan) are still in on the agenda, so we still have work to do since it is not much of a stretch from "the neighboring state does it" to "we will now do it".
Please check web sites such as Nonais.org and libertyark.org for more updated information and PLEASE----keep sending those letters.

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