Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am adding new places...

Things have changed here on our farm over the past 6ish months. Changes that have decreased by quite a bit my blogging. Now that the dust has settled and we have had some restructuring, some deletions and some new additions I am again ready to blog away. With a few changes. We will still be gardening organically, maybe even more so than before consider this economic climate, but we are now without sheep or cows at all. Sad I know..but there you have it. We do still have our American Guinea Hogs --who will get their very own page at my new site---and my newer additions of Muscovy ducks.
Chickens? Well they are always hanging around in various forms and ages. And so...though posting content will stay pretty much the same (a bit less politics maybe) I would like to say:

Check me out at my new home for my personal, homesteading, organic, food raising, and animal care (even for larger ruminant information or help) blog at:

Or my group blog with my wonderful homesteading friends at:

I will keep this blog going for the information that it has with the eventual possibility of moving it. Occasionally I will add to it but not frequently.

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