Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And more easy seed starting pots

In Mother Earth News there is an article (with good pictures) of a nice tidy seed pot out of toilet paper tubes.
So---here is a link to my old post about newspaper pots
and here is the link directly to Mother Earth News for the how to on toilet paper tube pots. The directions say to cut the tube in half cross wise so that will give you two pots per tube. Just think how many toilet rolls we use per year AND it doesn't take much room to store them---especially since they are flattened to start with. The pictures are better in the Feb/March 2008 article but the directions are pretty easy so there is probably not a need to buy the magazine to see it.

I actually think that these are easier to remember to "how to" without having to go back and re look each year at directions. On the other hand you can make much larger pots with the newspaper style---so it's really just a matter of what you need and what you have on hand.

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Twinville said...

Thanks for the seedling pot tips and links. I'm new at gardening and there is so much to learn.

I'd like to try this year, which seems possible since our frosts aren't over until the middle of May....